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Most people dislike them and attempts to cover with a heavy make up are often made (with varying degrees of success).

The client can feel embarrassed as they can resemble the appearance of 'blushing' and the stigma of alcoholism is often associated with them.

The appearance of thread veins is definitely considered part of the ageing process and because of these various reasons people are very motivated when they discover just how easily and effectively thread veins removal is using electrolysis.
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Thread Vein Removal* By Eyebrow Goddess
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What Are Thread veins?

Thread veins, or Telangiectasia, are permanently dilated capillaries, and 'not broken capillaries', as many people tend to call them.

The very thin walls (just one cell thick) of the fine facial capillaries dilate and constrict constantly throughout life to regulate the body's temperature.

As we age, they lose their elasticity and the ability to constrict, often becoming permanently dilated and visible through the skin.
Thread Vein Removal*

Thread Vein Removal* - Learn What Thread Veins Are And How Eyebrow Goddess Help You Remove* Your Unwanted Thread Veins Today.

Read Below For More Information On Thread Vein, also Know As Spider Veins
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Thread Vein Removal*
What treatment is available for thread veins?
Courses of treatment are often involved as the treatment technique has to be 'spaced out' so not to cause skin damage or possible hyper-pigmentation.

Both Diathermy and Blend methods can be utilised.

Diathermy is very quick and instantaneous results are obvious immediately.

The probe is very accurately positioned over the vessel and a gentle tap using current is made on the surface of the skin.

This immediately
* causes that tiny section of vessel to disappear at which point the practitioner moves onto the next minute section of vessel and treats.

In this way a number of small vessels can be treated each minute.  However care must be taken not to over treat and sessions are usually 15 minutes per cheek or wherever you have your thread veins on your face.
Thread Vein Removal* By Eyebrowgoddess
How does Eyebrow Goddess treatment* work for thread veins?
Eyebrow Goddess use electrolysis for thread vein removal* is a specialised treatment using...

An electrical current and just the very tip of the finest, smallest needle (or probe) possible, (about the size of an eyelash), to remove unwanted skin blemishes with no mark left on the skin.

There are 3 modalities used, Galvanic, (DC) Thermolysis (AC), and the Blend method (AC & DC).

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The Blend method is the most recent and is offered by most beauty salons and clinics of today as a safe, effective, comfortable treatment.

Electrolysis enables the very different features and benefits of all three methods to be individually utilized ultimately for the effectiveness of the treatment and the benefit of the patient.
Thread Vein Removal* On Leg Area
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