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Usually age spots are pretty harmless, appearing as flat, brown discolouration patches on the skin most often on the back of the hands, neck and face of people above the age of 40. 

They are not contagious and not usually serious or dangerous.

  However more skin cancer cases are being recognised year on year and basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas and malignant melanomas are on the increase.

It is not uncommon for actinic keratosis or other skin cancers to develop in areas where age spots are apparent and any suspect age spot could be a solar keratosis or a more serious skin cancer and it is wise to have them checked by a doctor if any are irregular, increase in size or change in colour, texture, itch or bleed.
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Age Spot Removal* By Eyebrow Goddess
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Age spot... the very name is indicative of getting older and less attractive.  

These unattractive mottled marks that often spoil our complexion are not just down to age however and are usually the payback for years of sun-drenched vacations and SPF-less sunbathing.

UV exposure encourages dark-pigment-producing melanocyte cells into overdrive, and the melanin they make clusters into dark spots thus giving the mottled appearance that is so disliked by all genders.
Age Spot Treatment &  Removal* By Eyebrow Goddess

Whatever we call them & sun spots, liver spots, brown spots, cafe au lait spots, hyper-pigmentation, lentigines or age spots, they are considered cosmetically unattractive. 
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Age Spot Removal*
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Age Spot Removal*
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